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Teaser for the 2nd novel in The Blanchard Witches saga

Picking up where Book 1 left off, the Blanchards have only barely recovered from their showdown with the werewolf that stalked Daihmler, but more trouble is headed their way. Fable is still keeping her pregnancy secret out of fear the family will want to destroy her baby once they discover it isn't totally human. Olympia's youngest daughter Nacaria (who has been cursed for the last two decades) is now free, yet she hasn't come home. The Blanchards will have to wage a rescue mission to bust her out of confinement. Salem will face down her father's vicious wife when secrets are revealed days before The Witches Consort. And the family will enter another battle for their lives to bring down an evil witch out to destroy them all. Not everyone makes it out alive!


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