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Little Intro to 1st Book in The Blanchard saga

In the first novel of THE BLANCHARD WITCHES, things may have been peaceful lately, but that is all about to end. Seth Blanchard has a girlfriend who is coming with her minister father to meet the family. Seth is determined his family behave and not reveal they are powerful witches in front of his guests. He is also hoping the shadow that lurks on the walls of his family home will stay out of sight through dinner. And that is the simplest of their problems in this 1st book of the series. Seth's sister Salem has sent herself back in time to prevent a tragedy, but now she's stuck in a loop and only their grandmother can go in an save her. Yasmine is dating a new man, Jake, even though she is secretly in love with Seth and always has been. Fable begins dating a new man as well, but he doesn't seem quite right. When the chief of police calls psychic Demitra Blanchard in to help solve a killing spree, she will soon discover the killer isn't human...and it may turn out to Seth's girlfriend or Yaz or Fable's boyfriend. The Blanchards are about to experience a deep tragedy in the family and ready themselves for the fight of their lives. One of their own has been targeted and it'll require all of their power, courage, and indomitable family love if they hope to survive. Their lives are about to be changed forever.

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