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The Blanchards are your typical, close-knit southern family... who also just happen to wield magic. The road through life is never easy, but for three generations of witches living together in their ancestral home, things are getting more complicated. Olympia Blanchard, her daughters, and her adult grandchildren will navigate love, loss, and quite a bit of danger when the magical world creeps into their natural one.


In the 1st novel in THE BLANCHARD WITCHES series, a spell gone awry leaves Salem Blanchard missing and it will be up to Olympia to discover why and where in time she might be. Seth Blanchard and his cousins Yasmine and Fable have all found summer love, but is one of their romantic interests the psycho killer on the prowl? Tragedy will strike the family and a life long enemy will come back into their lives as the Blanchards face a summer they will never forget.


The Blanchard witches will need all of their skill, all of their love, and their indomitable family unity to face the challenges awaiting them. Welcome to Daihmler County, Alabama. Home of the Blanchards. Things are about to get a little strange.


If you are looking for your next fantasy fiction book series, this is the one.  Action packed but full of sentimental moments, this series has it all.  Witches, Werewolves, werewolf romance, vampire romance, humor, characters you can emotionally relate with, and enough twists and turns to keep you coming back for more!  The Blanchard series is your award winning next-read must.

The Blanchard Witches of Daihmler County (Hardback)

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