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Welcome back to Daihmler County, Alabama. This is the home of the Blanchard family. The Blanchards are an average, everyday, close-knit, loving, southern family...who also happen to be witches. They have been through a great deal of ups and downs, tragedy and triumphs. And it's not over yet. Their lives are about to get a little more complicated.

In the 4th novel of The Blanchard Witches saga, the family is acclimating to the secrets revealed in the last book and acclimating to some new faces around the house. Yet, old foes are resurfacing and old scores are left to be settled. Everything has been building to this moment when the Blanchards return to Charleston where the sinister D'Angelo family is brewing something which will change every Blanchard forever.

House of Duquesne (Hardback)

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