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The Legend of Duquesne House

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

artist rendering of the fictional House of Duquesne, from The Blanchard Witches series.

Much folklore surrounds the malignant house owned by the D'Angelo family of Charleston. Tucked away in the wooded marshlands of Wadmalaw Island, the menacing fortress stands as reminder to the family of its diabolical past. Constructed 200 years ago by a vengeful architect, it is an eyesore to behold with its illogical shape, conflicting mixture of materials, and complete malevolent feel. Few have ever laid eyes upon it, but all in Charleston have heard the stories and for generations children have recited the poem...

You envy the line

But know not the shame.

You know not what lurks

In the House of Duquesne.

You covet the wealth,

Ancestry, and pride.

But all shun the house

With the evil inside.

Forged in greed and

A price paid too high,

Stands the house in the marsh,

Where all good things die.

Souls there are lost

And sins there reside,

In the house on the marsh

Where all skeletons hide.

Truth is best left

Farthest from light,

And answers, are reasons

You can’t sleep at night.

Old family wealth

Laced with old family name,

Mixed with Too Many Secrets

In The House of Duquesne.

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