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Talk of Alabama segment on the release of The Blanchard Witches Book 4: THE HOUSE OF DUQUESNE

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Once again, Katherine Page made me feel right at home. She's like everybody's best friend when you are in her presence and it is not fake. She genuinely takes interest in her interviews. During commercial we were both chatting about how our kids are sick at home and we still came in hoping we did not contaminate anyone. A funny behind the scenes story I'll tell you is that before my interview there was a guy going on to talk be honest I do not remember, but it was his first time ever to be on air. While we were in the outer room (Green Room, I guess its called) he was clearly nervous. A friend of mine who was there also being interviewed for her charity event, another man from the power company or water works or gas company (it was a utility is all i know) and myself were trying to calm the young man down and keep him from being too anxious about going on the air. I told him how marvelous Katherine is and how she puts every guest at ease, and I told him not to think about what he is supposed to say, just roll with the flow. My friend agreed and added more advice, and then Utility man chimed in telling the guy how he had been on this show a bunch of times and there is nothing to get nervous over. Well...when the camera rolled for both men's segments, Nervous Guy was on point the entire time. He appeared as though he'd been in front of a camera all his life. I was so proud for him. Then I watched Utility Guy's interview. OMG. He shifted, he stuttered, he lost track of what he was saying. It was all over the place. So much so I started to get anxious in anticipation of my segment because I hadn't been anxious at all. So now I was becoming nervous for not being nervous and coming off like he did. My segment went perfectly fine, ACCEPT...there were two cameras in front of me, both manned by a cameraman. Naturally I addressed the camera closest to me. Wouldn't you know it, the camera running was the one furthest from me! So I spend the whole interview looking at a dead camera. And Katherine had even told me to look at the right side camera. But it just popped out of my head.

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