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Talk of Alabama interview on the release of The Blanchard Witches Book 2: Prodigal Daughters

My second novel in the series came out right as the television station had a Covid outbreak. So we had to conduct the interview remotely. This was great for SEVERAL reasons. Besides the fact I did not want Covid, you may be able to see in my eyes that I was "sick as a dog" in this segment. I had just come back from a trip to Disney World with my family the day before this interview. I caught a stomach bug on the plane and spent the this entire five minute segment about to throw up all over myself. I am not too proud to admit, I did throw up in the parking lot before and after this interview. I am so thankful Katherine Page, the host, was not in the room with me. She is the most delightful lady I have ever met and I would feel terrible if I had made her as sick as I was. But I was NOT canceling. Prodigal Daughters was releasing on this day and I had to spread the word. Also my publicist has told me from the beginning, you do not No Show, Cancel, or Disrespect the show who invites you on. He has been in this business for decades and has worked with some legendary people. His respect is something I value very much. I was not canceling this appearance if for no other reason other than I did not want to let him down. But man, I was sick!

Another funny note, the room I was in had a speaker in the corner broadcasting Katherine's voice. I could not even see her. So multiple times during this segment you can see me stare up at the speaker to reply when I should be looking ahead at the camera on me.

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