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STITCHES IN TIME Book Signing at Ernest & Hadley

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I had a spectacular time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama last week at Ernest & Hadley Booksellers for my book signing event.

Ernest & Hadley is a special place to me. They hosted my very first book signing and have been avid supporters and fans of the Blanchard Witches series from the start! I always feel so much love when there and their store has remarkable book selections in every genre.

We held the event outside on this glorious spring day. I met so many wonderful people and saw a lot of familiar faces who are always so great to support me! I think what I love most is that now as we are further into the series with the release of Book 3 STITCHES IN TIME, more people attend who have read all of the books and we can have lively discussion. Of course I never divulge too much so as to ruin surprises for those just beginning the series. However, I do try to sneak off privately with those caught all the way up so we can dish about the entire three books.

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