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NEW RELEASE! The House of Duquesne (Book 4 in The Blanchard Witches series)

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

As The Blanchard Witches saga continues with Book 4 in the series, the family is acclimating to the revelations come to light in the last book. As the family acclimates to their new normal and some new faces around the house, old foes are resurfacing with old scores to settle.

The D'Angelo family have lived on Wadmalaw Island deep in the marshes of Charleston, South Carolina for centuries. Their magnificent, yet disfigured manor, is steeped in mystery and cloaked with suspicious gossip. But the answers to long held questions lay behind its stone and mortar.

Everything has been building to this moment when the Blanchard witches of Daihmler must wage war on the sinister D'Angelo's of Charleston and uncover all their wicked secrets.

Join your favorite witches for the deadliest and most epic battle they've ever fought. But be warned, not everyone will survive The House of Duquesne.

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