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My Talk of Alabama Interview on The Blanchards Book 1 (5/24/2022)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

This was my very first interview ever as an author and I will be honest I was nervous. I'd done interviews before revolving around my previous business, but going on air to talk about your written word can be vulnerable. However, Stoney Sharp, the host of Talk of Alabama (at the time, he's now the news anchor) put me immediately at ease. He was the nicest man on and off the air. Even when I go back now for other interviews with the newer host, if Stoney passes by and sees me, he always stops to speak. He remembers his previous guests even though it was years ago and he's talked to hundreds of people since. It shows how genuine a guy he is. And i must also say, the new host, Katherine, is equally as genuine. Maybe its the station? They hire the right people.

But anyway, my point is I had the best time during this segment Stoney and it taught me a lot I needed to know right at the very beginning of this author journey. I spent hours memorizing and rehearsing the things I wanted to say on air about my book, yet when the camera rolled I felt as if I was just chatting with a longtime, fun, friend. Everything I planned fell away because I was comfortable. It didn't matter if I forgot to say something or did not say something the way I rehearsed. The energy flowing just put me at ease and I rolled with the moments naturally, enjoying the moment rather than constructing it. I walked away that morning understanding I'd just learned something vital to TV appearances. Be who you are, not who you want to present yourself to be. And I have done that with every interview, signing, or appearance since that first day with Stoney.

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