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A Little Blanchard Backstory...

When the first book The Blanchard Witches of Daihmler County begins, the Blanchard family is already long established in the town of Daihmler. They've been here for generations, living in the white three story farmhouse with the wrap around porch and four story tower.

Olympia Blanchard is in her seventies and though beloved by her daughters and grandchildren for being the sage old giver of wisdom--Olympia has lived quite a life her offspring are not completely aware of. In her youth, she and her sister Pastoria--and their lifelong friend Zelda, helped many people and saved many lives (and possibly the world) a time or two. Olympia has been married three times by the time readers meet her in Book One. Her first husband, John Windham died shortly after the birth of their third child. She then married a fond acquaintance named Martin Caswell, hoping he might be a substitute father to her young girls. But he died shortly after. Later in life when she was already a grandmother, Olympia met Randolph Sinclair--a business tycoon whose vast holdings pillaged the earth (in her opinion). She sued him in court to stop the destruction of land she felt ought to be protected. They fell in love during their heated fight and were married. A few years later, Sinclair's son and his family died, leaving only Sinclair's granddaughter Yasmine. She came to live with the Blanchards a couple of years before Sinclair's death. Like most witches, Olympia has the power to mindspeak to other witches, which she typically uses to communicate with her offspring. She also possesses the power to stop time for brief moments and wield powerful blasts towards enemies.

Artemis Blanchard is Olympia's eldest daughter (father was John). Artemis had ambitions early in life to be a great chef, but her power of making things happen by merely thinking them was often difficult to control, causing her to abandon her dream. When both of her sisters experienced tragedy, Artemis devoted herself to being household caregiver and mother figure to the next generation.

Demitra Blanchard is Olympia's middle daughter. Demitra possess psychic abilities which she sometimes uses to assist the local police chief on unsolvable cases. Demitra was married to Larry Mariner (a non witch) for several years before he died of a heart attack. He remains the love of her life whom she still grieves.

Nacaria Blanchard was Olympia's youngest daughter. Not much is known about Nacaria in the beginning of the first book, except that she is out of the picture due to a crime she committed in the witching world in the past. After her departure from the family, her two small children were left to be raised by her sisters.

Dr. Beryl Blanchard is the eldest Blanchard grandchild. Daughter of Demitra and Larry, Beryl has little time for a social life, devoting herself to the healing of the gravely ill. Her power to heal sickness makes her a mysterious and highly sought after physician in Daihmler.

Salem Blanchard is the second eldest grandchild. Daughter of Nacaria and a man the family never speaks of, Salem lives in Atlanta with her husband David and infant son Michael. Salem works in advertising at her husband's uncle's firm. She possesses the same powers as her grandmother Olympia--the ability to freeze time and to wield powerful energy blasts.

Seth Blanchard is the only Blanchard grandson. Son of Nacaria and her unspoken lover, Seth is slightly spoiled and very much lazy. He is a professional college student. His only focus in life is going to the gym. At the beginning of book One, Seth has found love with a local preacher's daughter and is desperate to hide the fact that he and his family are witches. Seth has the power to control the weather.

Fable Blanchard is the youngest daughter of Demitra and Larry. Like her sister Beryl, Fable's special power is useful in her work. Her ability to speak to and understand the animal kingdom makes her Daihmler's leading veterinarian.

Yasmine Sinclair is Olympia's step-granddaughter from her third husband Sinclair. Although Yaz is not blood related to the Blanchards, she is the heart of the family and secretly Olympia's favorite grandchild. Yasmine works in the office of family financial agent, Howard Caldwell. And she is secretly in love with her step-cousin Seth.

Howard Caldwell was the son of one of Olympia's former beau's from youth. His father handled the business affairs of the family until his death whereupon Howard took over as family agent. His primary job is overseeing Sinclair Industry affairs and assisting Olympia with her philanthropy. In his youth, Howard was in love with and briefly engaged to Artemis, but her devotion to her nieces and nephew after Nacaria's mysterious ordeal and Demitra's grief over losing Larry, left her to choose family over a life of her own.

Madame Zelda is a fiesty, backwoods fortune teller who uses her powers to dispense advice, guidance and shocking revelations to the people of Daihmler as the local psychic. Zelda is Olympia's lifelong best friend and often the only person who can put her in her place.

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