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Micah is married to his best friend, Clarke and they have a son together.

2022 4-21 New York for Phish at MSG (14).JPEG

One of our favorite bands is Phish (they are even mentioned in the books on occassion

2022 4-21 New York for Phish at MSG (32).JPEG

They take fun family trips like this one to Niagara Falls

2022 7-29 Niagra Falls (148).JPEG

And Disney World

2022 9-12 Disney Day Two (31).JPEG
2022 12-30 in Miami (2)_edited.jpg
2022 12-28 Clarke and I in Miami (24).JPEG

Two of our favorite cities is Miami and New York

2021 12-25 Christmas Day in New York (129).JPEG
2022 6-26 New York Pride (9).JPEG

We also love to go see DJ's like David Guetta and Galantis.

2022 9-30 more decorations (11).JPEG

And we go a little decoration crazy at Halloween and Christmas

2022 12-15 (23).JPEG
2021 7-18 New York (11).JPG

We also have several dogs.  Sue Ellen and May are Goldendoodles.  And Georgie is a Cavapoo that loves to read my books!  Or chew them, whatever mood strikes her.

2021 4-27 McGrupp.JPEG

And McGrupp and Trey are just the adorable boys.

2021 12-24 Trey's haircut (2).jpg
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