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Me with the love of my life

Micah is married to his best friend, Clarke and they have a son together.

2022 4-21 my family in New York for Phish!

One of our favorite bands is Phish (they are even mentioned in the books on occassion

My son and I at a Phish concert

They take fun family trips like this one to Niagara Falls

2022 7-29 Niagra Falls

And Disney World

2022 9-12 Disney Day Two (31).JPEG
New Year's Eve Miami 2022
2022 12-28 Clarke and I in Miami

Two of our favorite cities is Miami and New York

2021 12-25 Christmas Day in New York
2022 6-26 New York
Us at David Guetta concert at Brooklyn Mirage

We also love to go see DJ's like David Guetta and Galantis.

Galantis concert at Brooklyn Mirage
2022 9-30 more decorations (11).JPEG

And we go a little decoration crazy at Halloween and Christmas

Our front yard Christmas 2022
Our front yard Christmas 2022
Our precious Goldendoodles

We also have several dogs.  Sue Ellen and May are Goldendoodles.  And Georgie is a Cavapoo that loves to read my books!  Or chew them, whatever mood strikes her.

Our dog Georgie loves my book!
2021 4-27 McGrupp.JPEG

And McGrupp and Trey are just the adorable boys.

our Cavapoo Trey Anastasio
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